Custom Modular Home Setting of 905 W. Park Avenue in Long Beach, NY

Exterior of Modular Long Beach, NY


A New York City couple decided to move back home to Long Beach. After purchasing waterfront property on the bay, this NYC couple opted to buy a modular and have it fully customized onsite. On April 8th & 9th Phoenix Industries of NY set a 5,000 sf custom modular home on the corner of Wyoming and W. Park Avenue in Long Beach, NY.


Rising of Modular Home

This 5 bedroom home was built in 7 days at Westchester Modular Homes factory in Wingdale, NY and will be fully customized onsite. Stay tuned for updates!

Setting modular home - Long Beach, NY

Phoenix Industries - Westchester Modular Homes, Long Beach, NY

Modular Downstairs

Waterfront Property Long Beach, NY


Did you know that we have many options when building your modular home?

Teardown & Rebuild

Don’t remodel… Don’t move… Rebuild!

In many parts of the Northeast, particularly in highly concentrated upscale urban areas, many homeowners are coming to us and discovering the tremendous advantages of a Teardown/Rebuild and adding a second-story addition to the existing home.

Rebuild Your Home Quickly With Westchester Modular

Today’s modular homes are not just convenient – they offer quality that will last years. They are built to withstand storms, flooding and other occurrences that are becoming more and more frequent along the Eastern Seaboard. Some of the benefits of modular construction include:

Speed: When you need a quick home rebuild following a disaster, modular construction saves you months of construction and planning time. Our homes are constructed from high quality materials that are assembled in as little as seven days in our environmentally controlled facility. From there, our partnership with our local authorized builders makes installation of your new home a seamless and efficient process.

Flexibility: A Westchester Modular home provides a wide range of customization options that allows you to design a space that works for your family. Rebuilding a damaged home doesn’t have to mean settling for a one-size-fits-all solution – a Westchester Modular home’s customizable components give you design flexibility without sacrificing economy or speed.

Energy Efficiency: At Westchester Modular, our pre-fab homes feature energy-efficient designs and components such as high end insulation and argon windows that provide our customers with the comfort and cost savings that is expected in today’s new home construction.


Modular Home Additions: Transform Your Current Home into Your Dream Home

Easily Customize Your Dream Home

When you need a larger home, you don’t have to move out of your neighborhood. Westchester Modular Homes can build your family a second-story modular home addition quickly, efficiently and cost effectively without displacing your family for months on end.

In as little as one month, your existing ranch home can be expanded to a spacious colonial with a second-story addition. Whether you need the space to provide bedrooms for a growing family or simply expand the living areas, we can design the modular home addition to suit your family’s needs.

And all this is possible without the hassle of packing, purchasing a new home, or uprooting your children from the neighborhood and schools they’ve grown to love. Why buy when you can simply add on to the place you’ve called home for years? With modular home additions, you can.


Modular In-Law Quarters and Other Home Additions

With Westchester Modular, offering your customers an in-law suite addition to a new or existing home is easy. Our modular room additions are economical, energy efficient and highly functional, perfect for a customer who wants to quickly expand their existing home with a modular in law addition – without a large investment. Since 1986, we have been an industry leader in new modular homes and prefab in-law additions, with a reputation for quality in the Northeast.


Setting of 31 California Street, Long Beach, NY

Come see the setting of one our most popular West End Capes call the Long Beach. This house gives you the most “bang for your bucks” and fits on a standard 30×60 West End lot. We will start setting this home at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 17, 2014.

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