High Quality Modular Homes Construction

For years Phoenix has worked with modular home manufacturers, building high quality homes. Modular homes are built with attention to craftsmanship and fine details. These homes are built with top quality building products while upholding the highest standards in construction.  Modular home construction can be built 52 weeks a year allowing efficient construction in a weathered protected environment, with on-time delivery and cost control.  Clients can customize their homes or choose from a variety of styles to meet every taste and budget.

Watch as Phoenix Construction builds a beautiful new quality built
home in 15 days working with Westchester Modular Homes.

Many Nassau County homes were damaged or even destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Westchester Modular Homes is proud that their homes remained standing after the hit. From the coasts of Connecticut and Long Island to the Jersey Shore, not one house of theirs was leveled by the hurricane.

Phoenix Construction along with Westchester have rebuilt many homes in Nassau County since Sandy. They work with NY Rising and other government agencies and know how to save you time and money. We have many options and floor plans to choose from – construction on your site. These quality modular homes are affordable and built quickly and efficiently. To view Coastal Collection Modular Beach Home Floor Plans click here.

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