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Breezy Point, New York: Rebuilding After Superstorm Sandy

Monday, May 5th, 2014


On October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy hit New York City. One of the communities most devastated by the storm was Breezy Point, NY. Breezy Point is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens. As the storm surged the floods sparked a fire and the fire destroyed more than 100 homes while the floods also destroyed many others; luckily no one was killed. It’s hard to fathom the devastation. Above is ABC News footage capturing Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Inside the Chaos of Breezy Point, NY.


Plot Plan: 197 Read Avenue, Queens



The recovery process and rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy is still ongoing for many in Breezy Point. Phoenix Industries is happy to announce we are scheduled to set 3 new modular homes in the community during the next few months.


197 Read Avenue, Breezy Point, NY





Interested in joining us for one of our home settings? Please call 516-705-4438 or email We look forward to helping rebuild the Breezy Point Community.

For more information regarding rebuilding Breezy Point, please visit their community website: Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund.



10 Spring Outdoor Home Maintenance Tips

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Custom Colonial Westchester Modular Homes


I am so happy the sun is finally shining and warmer weather is ahead of us. This winter homes were hit hard by the grueling winter of 2014. The heavy snow and ice wrecked havoc on many home’s infrastructure and it is important that these issues are addressed quickly.


10 Spring Outdoor Home Maintenance Tips:

1.) Clean gutters and check for leaks. Improper drainage can lead to water in the basement or crawl space. Make sure gutters are clean and downspouts drain away from your foundation.

2.) Installing gutter guard will prevent your roof from water accumulation.

3.) Inspect your deck and clean off debris. Trapped debris that falls through deck board will act like a sponge and keep wood from drying properly.Check your roof for loose or cracked shingles and replace them as soon as possible. Water dripping from the roof can cause considerable damage. Flashing around plumbing vents, chimney and skylights should be inspected by a professional.

4.) Check wood trim around windows, doors, railing and decks by probing with a screwdriver. Any rot should be repaired as well caulking filled now before spring rains do more damage to the exposed wood.

5.) Take a good look at the detail of your surrounding landscape. Careful attention to landscaping can significantly increase a home’s value, while landscape mistakes detract from value. Low areas in your yard or next to your foundation should be filled with compact soil. Spring flooding can lead to foundation damage and these water pools can also lead to insect breeding grounds over the summer.

6.) Examine the exterior of your chimney for signs of damage and have your flue inspected and cleaned by a certified chimney sweep.

7.) Removed firewood stacked close to your home. Firewood should be stored at least 18” off the ground and at least 2’ from structure.

8.) Outdoor furniture, often placed in storage or exposed to the elements, should be carefully cleaned at the beginning of each spring. For most metal tables and chairs, including those produced of steel, cast aluminum or aluminum, mild soap and water is the best choice for safe cleaning. To maintain the frame finish, some experts recommend a coat of clear liquid car wax once a year.

9.) Water expands when it freezes, therefore, the shut off valves for outside faucets should have been closed for the winter. Inspected for leaks and open shut off valves. Check hoses for leaks and reconnect hoses. If you have frost-damaged faucets or need new shut off valves installed it is best to call a licensed plumber.

10.) Test air conditioning units and have a qualified heating and cooling contractor clean and service the outside unit of the air conditioning unit. Change interior filters on a regular basis.


We wish you a season full of sunshine and look forward to serving you. ~ All of us at Phoenix Industries.



HGTV Filming in Long Beach, New York

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Anthony Guillaro being filmed by HGTV in Long Beach, NY

HGTV Filming Anthony Guillaro, GM of Phoenix Construction, in Long Beach, NY

HGTV Filming Sandy Victims in Long Beach, New York

We are pleased to share our latest press coverage with you: HGTV was filming Thursday and Friday at one of our jobsites. HGTV reached out to us to cover a story regarding victims of Super Storm Sandy.  All of our clients are great and have such heartfelt stories, but one couple just had the most endearing tale to tell.  Those clients are the Salgado’s. We immediately thought the Salgado’s would be a perfect fit because of their difficult start in life as a married couple; we wanted to give this young couple a second chance!

Salgado jobsite in Long Beach NY being filmed by HGTVSalgado Jobsite in Long Beach, NY

The Salgado’s are a young couple in their early 30’s who had just married, bought a house and were excited to start their lives together.  Then unexpectedly not even a year after living in their new home, and having just finished renovating the house, nature took a turn for the worse and they lost their home to Super Storm Sandy.  Their former house, which is a quaint 2-bedroom style Ranch (the typical Long Beach style house) had over 3 feet of water in it.  As the storm hit, they bravely stayed in their small attic and watched the storm engulf their home.

The Salgado’s are extraordinary people and have a lighthearted outlook on life.  They truly embody that Long Beach, NY way of life of community, sun and leisure time.  Nico Salgado is a Spanish teacher at a local school, and Allison is a special needs art teacher.  Both of them like to spend their spare time surfing, and volunteering for the community.

Caitlin Dorn of Phoenix Industries being interviewed by HGTVCaitlin Dorn of Phoenix Construction being interviewed by HGTV at Phoenix’s model, 37 E. Market Street, Long Beach, NY.
Caitlin admires the Salgado’s and finds them a very warmhearted couple.

After Sandy took their home the Salgado’s were fortunate to have family nearby that was not affected by the storm and were able to stay with them while they were waiting to receive money from various rebuilding grant programs, including NY Rising, and their insurance.  Like most Sandy victims, the process takes longer waiting for funds to be released by NY Rising, but they are grateful to receive these funds. We have been working with them on their new home for about 6 months and and they will be getting their new house by the summer!


Phoenix Construction Crew being filmed by HGTV in Long Beach, NY
Phoenix Construction Crew being filmed by HGTV in Long Beach, NY.

The HGTV show will be about building with modular homes, the title is still in the works and will be airing about six to eight months from now.  Each episode will focus on a different couple and their choice to build with modular based on certain circumstances.  The pilot episode will feature Phoenix Construction and the Salgado couple as it follows their journey and ours to build back their home and lives after Super Storm Sandy occurred.


Nassau County, NY: Rebuilding with Modular Homes Seminar

Friday, March 7th, 2014
      Rebuilding with Modular Homes Seminar
Rebuilding Hurricane Sandy Seminar Post Card Front-page-001

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about rebuilding with modular construction.

On Thursday, March 13th, 6:30 p.m.,  Phoenix Construction and Westchester Modular Homes are holding a FREE Educational Seminar at Mio Posto in Oceanside, NY.  A family-style dinner is on us! We want you to learn more about rebuilding with a modular home, so we have invited several guests to speak at our seminar:


Anthony Guillaro – Owner of Phoenix Construction 

In 1989, after six years of working with another company, Anthony started his own construction company, called Phoenix Industries (which was later re-named Phoenix Construction).  Anthony was determined to build a company focused on personalized service, professionalism, quality craftsmanship and integrity, and that is just what he did.

Through the years, Anthony and his team have worked in every facet of real estate – from acquisitions to planning, from site work to finance, and from marketing to construction.  He approaches each new project with a multifaceted team strategy.  The sum of his team’s skills and experience makes them a formidable combination, one which can not only identify exciting real estate opportunities, but can acquire, plan, build and sell them as well. A hallmark of Phoenix is making sure no stone is left unturned.

John Colucci- Vice President of Sales at Westchester Modular Homes

John started in the modular business in 1985 and worked for a manufacturer in Pennsylvania as a sales rep until 1989.  At that time he left to come work for Westchester Modular Homes because of their focus on high quality homes and the custom ability that they offer builders.  There are no mysteries to why he likes working for Westchester.  It is a no nonsense straight forward company that just does the right thing for its customers and employees.  “We build a great product at a fair price and service our customers”, he says.

In the year 2000 their company became a 100% employee owned company which has had dramatic benefits to both their customers and employees.  As owners, the employees understand the need to build quality so customers keep coming back.  He says “They have customers that come to their factory all the time to see their homes being built and they always tell us how congenial our employees are both in the factory and the office.  People get a certain family feeling when coming to tour our factory and model home centers.  It really just works.”

Barry Fahrer- Licensed Land and Residential Surveyor

Barry owns and operates Barry Fahrer Land Surveyors; a local business based in Freeport. He has been a surveyor for over 20 years.  Barry’s office embodies that Nassau County small business feel – as though one is right at home and has known him forever.  Like many people on Long Island, Barry was directly affected by Super Storm Sandy and understands what clients are going through.  Presently, he is working with numerous of Phoenix’s Clients as well as his own to try and get Sandy victims back into their houses, quickly, efficiently and affordably. He warns people not to hire unlicensed and uninsured contractors.

Nick Pieber – Owner of PierTech Systems

PierTech Systems is the leading manufacturer of helical piles, piers, connection accessories and foundation repair equipment. Helical piles are titanium rods that attach to a foundation and bedrock to ensure that a house or a building is stable and can with stand natural disasters such as hurricanes.  Pier Tech is based in Missouri and all of its products are proudly built in the USA.

 Richard Mangone, Sales Representative & Mario Barbara, Engineering Manager – Associated Fire Protection

Associated Fire Protection specializes was founded in 1947. They specialize in meeting customers requirement with creative, innovative and cost-effective solutions no matter how challenging the task. They help protect their customers from the raves of fire, help save live, protect their property and ensure business continuity. Associated Fire Protection eliminates the need to contact multiple service companies by offering total fire protection from Fire Sprinkler Systems and Clean Agent Systems to CCTV, Security and Card Access Systems.

Phoenix Construction along with Westchester Modular Homes have rebuilt many homes in Nassau County since Sandy. They work with NY Rising and other government agencies and know how to save time and money. We have many options and floor plans to choose from – construction on your site. These quality modular homes are affordable and built quickly and efficiently.

If you’d like to join us or have any questions, please contact Caitlin at 516-705-4438.

Hope to see you there!






Phoenix Industries & Westchester Modular Host a 3-Day Modular Workshop

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Phoenix Industries & Westchester Modular Host a 3-Day Modular Workshop

3-Day Modular Workshop for Families Still Trying to Rebuild Post-Sandy

Phoenix Industries & Westchester Modular are hosting a 3-Day Modular Workshop on March 13th, 14th & 15th.

Many Nassau County homes were damaged or even destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Westchester is proud that their homes remained standing after the hit. From the coasts of Connecticut and Long Island to the Jersey Shore, not one house of theirs was leveled. Phoenix Construction along with Westchester Modular Homes have rebuilt over 10 homes in Nassau County since Sandy. They have worked with NY Rising and other government agencies and know how to save time and money.

We are please to invite you to three Modular Events, March 13th, 14th & 15th:

Thursday, March 13th
FREE educational seminar
Mio Posto
2757 Long Beach Road Oceanside, NY 11572
Family Style Dinner

Don’t Miss this opportunity to learn about rebuilding with modular construction. By attending the Seminar and placing a deposit on your new home before May 31, 2014, you will be eligible for a FREE kitchen upgrade to Merllat* Classic Series Cabinets!  * Exclusions may apply.

Click here to register.


Friday, March 14th
Come see an actual house being set at
39 E. Market Street Long Beach, New York
Call for Details:  (516) 705-4438

One Year Anniversary Open House
Saturday, March 15th 
Join us for an Open House to celebrate the anniversary of Phoenix Industries participation in helping rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.
Phoenix Industries Model Home
37 E. Market Street
Long Beach, NY
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


I encourage you to be our guest at the Modular Homes Events. We have many options and floor plans to choose from; construction on your site. These quality modular homes are affordable and built quickly and efficiently.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at 516-705-4438.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Anthony Guillaro
Phoenix Construction Corp.



NY Rising: Storm Recovery Resource Fair at Lindell School, Long Beach

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Storm Recovery Resource Fair

Please join us tomorrow, Wednesday, February 26th for the Storm Recovery Resource Fair from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

  • NY Rising Q & A Session
  • Meet with Licensed Contractors & Architects

Phoenix Construction along with Westchester Modular Homes have rebuilt over 10 homes in Nassau County since Sandy.  We have worked with NYRising and other government agencies and know how to save you time and money.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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